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No Robocalls

December 30, 2019 -

 Why GBA does NOT use Predictive Dialing to call Consumers

      George Brown Associates is unique in our approach to dealing with consumers.   Compassionate collections mean that we treat them like humans.  Dialers are not humans, and people know the difference, which is why GBA does not use a dialer.  Your consumers receive real phone calls from real people from our call center based in Charlotte, NC.

The primary benefit for using a dialer is that it is cost effective for the agency, not that it leads to higher recoveries or improved consumer relations.  However, we feel that the negative impact on consumer relations from utilizing an agency dialer far exceeds any marginal benefits that may be gained.  Cost cutting never takes precedence over the needs of our clients, because GBA means "Clients First."

Have you experienced this scenario?

     You answer a call from a number you do not recognize. As soon as you hear that 3 second delay you know it is a “Robocall”. Your defenses go up and you want to hang up.  This is not a call from someone you want to speak with.

     Are you going to give this person your checking account or credit card information?  Probably not.

     The effectiveness of dialers has diminished significantly since they were introduced roughly 30 years ago.  Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you that dialers are becoming less and less successful in dealing with consumers.  It is a major topic of discussion on the Accounts Receivable Management industry forums and webinars. 

     The FCC is focusing on stopping “Robocalls”.  ACA International is lobbying to make sure legitimate calls are not blocked by new FCC regulations but there is no guaranty they will be effective.

     If you allow your collection agency to use a dialer, please also consider the following;

r  Is your image enhanced with your customers when they are contacted by a “Robocall”?

r  There are multiple free Apps available that block calls from dialers.

r  Dialers are prohibited to call cell phones without “Express Written Consent”. 

r  Consent can be revoked at any time by the consumer.

r  Fewer and fewer people have land lines.

r  The FCC can’t reach the illegal call centers in other countries, so they focus on legitimate businesses in the United States. Collection agencies using dialers in the United States are taking a huge risk.



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