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October 24, 2012 -



@ Client Services:
GBA provides both the client and patient with a host of online tools. Clients, through a secure login, can access account work notes and payment history, make notes or changes to account demographics, review and download all archived reports and upload new business. The patient, through a secure login, is issued a pin when the account is assigned that allows them to make one time or recurring EFT or credit card payments, view or print their account payment history and send secure messages to GBA.
GBA maintains a telephone-focused approach to collections recovery. We employ dialer technology that allows us to customize both attended and non-attended dialing campaigns and to use both cloud based and hardwired systems. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and archived in a wave format that can be emailed for client review. Dialing productivity reports are available to both the client and collections supervisor for training purposes.
GBA utilizes FACS collections software that provides a suite of reporting tools. All generated reports can be customized and are archived and available through @ Client Service. GBA partners with Equifax utilizing E-OSCAR, an emulation program, which allows us to run live with Equifax for quick and accurate consumer reporting.

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